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Item Specifications Note
Frequency Range Band12 DL/UL 728~746MHz/698~716MHz LTE band 12 and LTE band 13
Band13 DL/UL 746~757MH/776~787MHz
Input Power limit Band12 DL -40dBm max ALC : >18dB 
Band12 UL -30dBm max ALC : >22dB 
 Band13 DL -40dBm max ALC : >18dB
Band13 UL -27dBm max ALC : >22dB
Output Power Band12 DL +17dBm LTE DL 10MHz 50RB
Band12 UL +23dBm LTE UL 10MHz 50RB
 Band13 DL +17dBm LTE DL 10MHz 50RB
 Band13 UL +23dBm LTE UL 10MHz 50RB
Gain DL 57dB~75dB (±1.0dB) Band12,13 / separate path control
UL 53dB~75dB (±1.0dB) Band12and Band13
Ripple DL < 4dB  Band12 and Band13
UL < 4dB Band12 and Band13
Noise Figure < 5dB @Max Gain
Propagation Delay < 3us  
VSWR ≤ 1.8 : 1  
ALC Level Down Link Upper +17dBm(±1dB) - Band12 and Band13 operate separately
Lower OFFSET 0~18dB
Up Link Upper +23dBm(±1dB)
Lower OFFSET 0~22dB
Shutdown Level Down Link +19dBm/Total
Up Link +25dBm/Total
OSC Level Down Link +20dBm/Total
Up Link +26dBm/Total
Detector detection error Within +/- 0.9  
GAIN CONTROL 50dB ~ 75dB/1dB step, The error is within ±0.9 Controlled by GUI and Dip Switch
ALC RANGE ≥ 25dB The error is within +/- 1.0dB
EVM Below 7% No Feedback
ACLR Over 38dB ±10 MHz
Isolation checking Range 50dB ~ 90dB detection error : Within 2dB
 In Band Spurious  3Gpp category A 0.05 ≤ f_offset < 5.05㎒
Out Band Spurious  -Below 13dBm/1kHz 9kHz ~ 150kHz
-Below 13dBm/10kHz 150kHz ~ 30MHz
-Below 13dBm/1MHz 1GHz ~ 12.75GHz
2 tone IMD DL/UL -Below 13dBm  
Frequency Stability ≤ ±0.01ppm  
Alarm & status(Display) Normal : Green,  Shutdown : RED,
Checking SD : Flashing Green, Oscillation SD : Flashing RED
Power Consumption < 12W Conditions when the maximum output
Power AC/DC Adapter(AC110V, AC220V)
RF Connector N-type Female